Self Directed

This is the Video of me Juggling.

For my self directed project I chose to learn how to juggle. I chose to learn how to juggle because when I has eleven at my camp we had a special day where someone from the circus came and taught all the different cabins one lesson on how to do things like cartwheels, hula hoop and how to juggle. During the lesson I was most excited to learn how to juggle but I never got it. I was one of the only people in my cabin that could not do it at all and when I heard that I needed to do this project I thought it was a great time to prove to myself that I could do it. So I started out by watching a video that would teach me how to juggle. The video made it look really easy but when I tried to do it, it was much harder.  I started with one ball and quickly moved to two balls but I could not get it right I spent almost four days juggling for two hours a day with only two balls and I could not get it right. Then I thought that I should just try three balls because I had been working with two for so long and when I tried it I could do it. I swear that juggling with three balls is easier then with two. After that I kept practicing with tree balls but could never get passed a certain point and after doing some research I learned the being able to juggle for a long period of time takes more coordination and a lot of practice that I did not have the time to do. The I filmed my self juggling and made a video and edited it using a new video editing software which was a lot easier then learning hoe to juggle. Over all it was exactly as hard as I thought it was going to be.


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